New year-new book

Month: January 2016
Location: Ilhabela (Brazil)
Travel days: 4,060 (83 countries)
Kms: 150051

mapamundo navidadesEach Christmas in a different place

With the support of 296 people we have achieved the ultimate goal in Verkami and we have launched a new book.

It was born a few days before Christmas 2015, weighting 90 grams and measuring 13×18 cm. It’s called A statement of intuitions and astral sign is a mixture of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

This month most of the stories are visual and you can follow them in Biciclown´s youtube video channel.

Web Stories

How camping without pay: free camping

How I won 7,165 euros in 40 days without leaving home

Balance 2015

Iati Insurance gives you a 5% DISCOUNT

This is advertising, yes, but advertising that can help you and me. Make your free quote and see that it’s real 5%. If you get the insurance on this link a part of your insurance goes directly to my project.

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How to get the new book

During the Verkami´s campaign  the book had a 20% discount, as I have to reward those who trust blindly on me, the author, but you can now order on this page.  All my books are distributed worldwide.
Here some of the reviews already received the book:
“I received your wonderful book and I really enjoyed it with your cherished intuitions. I am extremely proud to have been involved in this project.“ (Susana A.)

“The design, images and the general impression could not be better. The first pages have already made me smile and reflect on life … I will ration so that it can taste good!“ (Judith L.P.)

“I think the best book travel (even it is not a propel travel book) you’ve written. For me one of my favorite words is essence and certainly you have transmitted, through letters, the essence of who you are and how you see life.“ (Victor M.)


YouTube channel

New videos this month. If you subscribe the channel you help me grow this project. You can do it. It’s free and receive a notification when a new video is published.

How to write a book

Book Excerpt A statement intuitions

The ordeal of being a cardholder of the Caixa

Happy 2016 from a paradise beach in Brazil

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A plane called Biciclown

I asked the Vueling company to check their bicycle transportation policy to provide better treatment to those users. Not sure if they do, but at least they have said they will try.
Having a plane called biciclown, does not entitle me to fly on that plane for free, or any of the company.
For this advertising campaign I have not received a single euro, but who has proposed biciclown´s story to Vueling have won a ticket.
Not all our actions have a direct impact on us.
If someone takes a picture with the plane Biciclown and a clown nose I will give him/her one of my books.
Here the entire collection.


SockFix joins the team

When there was a minute to meet the deadline financing Verkami book appeared a new sponsor: SockFix.
The idea is a button that is not sewn and prevents your socks get lost.


Partners of the month, always anonymous people on the road pushes

  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, back supports me one more time, as he says with my salary.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, go another month supporting me.
  • David Jimenez Barrio wanted to send some special food, but fearing to be eaten at the customs of Brazil, has made me a donation to buy what I wish. A monster.
  • As my sister Maria, who again sent me a gift of Christmas.
  • My friend Terry sent me from New Zealand colors spiraling down that I placed on the bike and I can be seing from the drivers .


Plans for January

I’m writing two more books. It is as if I had parkinson on my hands and could not stop typing. One will be a digital, free, with tips and ideas for trips by bike book. I just need to find a platform to upload and give it for free. Something difficult.
The other book is about my past five years on the road. From Japan 2011 to Brazil 2015.

Happy New Year and Merry book to which you have it.


My Goals for 2016

  1. Smile without any reason
  2. Writte another book
  3. Thanks more
  4. Reduce goals

Until December 12th

Mi casa siempre fue donde me encontró el amanecer

Month: November 2015
Place: Ilhabela (Brasil)
Days of  Travel: 4030 (83 countries)
Kms: 150,000


Until Dec 12th we have to run to reach the final and third goal in Verkami. In a few days we got the first and the second one.

Here we explain what we mean about goals.

This is the project that has gathered more supporters of all I have sent in Verkami, more than 200, but to reach the ultimate goal I believe we need about 300.

The days are of incalculable beauty on this island, productive in terms of work, but relaxing. As the same speed than the waves reach sweetly the shore on the coast.

El más rico es aquél cuyos placeres son más baratos

Web Stories

4000 days and 10,000 hours

Argentina, with it not be

Twitter post(1)

TVE, Turn your Christmas on, but my message off

When TVE request your participation in a television program for Christmas and offered to pay you for an interview passage, and even take your family to the program, worth pausing to consider the proposal.Just in exchange for no money just advertising my project. I am reluctant, because I know that my message can be handled, cut off and fade. Rejecting the offer to fly to Madrid (I will arrive to Spain bike in the future, not by plane) and send my self-interview answering questions.
When the show airs and I see video editing my worst fears are confirmed. An artificially sweetened version of my project, forgetting the essence of it is emitted.

Here a version that I have done.


Twitter post(2)

A plane carrying the name of Biciclown

I did not answer e-mail because it smelled like spam, like claiming that you’ve won an inheritance but must send money to advance the proceedings. An airline (I did not know it existed), Vueling,  offers me that one of its aircraft bear my name.
But it’s true.
Ummm, I do not know. So many years traveling at the speed of butterflies and now a plane can carry the name of biciclown. I do not know. I used this aircraft around the world, of course, and acknowledge its usefulness.
As I think of it I ask the company to review its policy slightly bicycle carrier. Maybe at least that plane named Biciclown, could take cyclists for free.
I’m still thinking.


Many more videos on the Youtube channel and classified by topics

This coming year I want the biciclown YouTube channel will feature many more subscribers. Currently there are more than 1,000.

For this I rated videos on topics such as:

  • Tips for Cyclists
  • Interviews
  • Shows
  • Gastronomy
  • Favorites

Some interesting videos this month

A coffee with my 86 supporters

Anniversary 11 years Around the World

Bike Around the World in 11 years: music and action

Huge party celebrating 11 years

How showering for a world tour 11 years?

Para conectarse primero hay que desconectarse

Click-Clix buttons

This company has invented a button is not sewn and has many utilities as you want. The other day it occurred to me that I’ll show you more in this video.
They have also designed a logo button biciclown, which is one of the rewards that we are delivering on the project Verkami new book
As easy as placing a button

Montañas India tibet

Is it better to live long or short but intense?

My personal view

The Thread of Life
Partners of the month, always anonymous people on the road pushes:

  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, back supports me one more time, as he says my payroll.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, go another month and several years.
    La risa está en todos nosotros
  • Everyone that has spread in social networks a new draft declaration insights from bloggers to private companies. Thank you all for your support.
  • My sister Mary who was sent for spare parts and Gerardo specifying the oxygen tent.
  • Tino has brought to Brazil those packages from Spain.
  • Trangoworld submitted a new pants to replace the one that took three years after pedaling for Polar and a new cycle computer also records the route the M 450.

Sólo tus verdaderos sueños te quitarán el sueño
Plans for December

Writing, producing more content for biciclown Youtube channel, and as they say in Brazil, tanning life.
Taking advantage of this stop to start another book, bringing together my experiences since I left China in 2010 until I came here to Brazil.

Tener coraje no es carecer de miedos, es continuar caminando aunque tengas miedos(1)

The 4,000 days with a new literary project underway

Month: October 2015
Location: Ilhabela (Brazil)
Travel days: 4,000 (83 countries)
Kms: 149.833

The counter listed on the website biciclown mark just 4000 days. And, coincidence or not, it is today when we launched a new project in Verkami to finance another book A statement of intuitions that will be ready Christmas.

All this fruit of hard work, night and day, and that has forced a stop on a beautiful island in Brazil where I hit the computer keys with the same relish as which Oscar Peterson pounded the piano.

According to statistics from previous experiences in Verkami and three other projects we had fundraising by the crowd, with 150 people who support this new venture we have achieved.

Only 150 people, Will you be one of them? On December 10 we’ll know.


Web Stories

Retracing my past

11050632_10153176242340849_7936629322193728969_oSweden Univertity

Conference in Belo Horizonte

Organized by Uniclown took place in a beautiful theater, it was attended aistencia 140 people and lasted nearly two hours. Books were sold at the end and beat palms


The object of study , a biciclown

As far away as New York French School or University in Sweden this month introduced the draft biciclown with photos, videos and even video conferencing. Again intercultural and international character by this project is demonstrated.

_PFA1806In Río with André, 12 years later

PARTNERSHIP this month have pushed me along the way. Thanks to all:

A group of women Carandaí took over my bones in the city and invited me to a hotel
In Juiz de Fora’s father he chose to let me pay for a hotel to stay overnight in the seminar. It’s not what I wanted, but …
Father Carlos of another nearby town if you let me sleep in the Church. Uff, even chatted.
In Itaugú firefighters spent another night.
A traveler, David, has owns the Camping Sununga and leave the camp freely cicloviajeros
Edneia in Ilhabela, a member of Warmshowers, at home and spent my first days on the island.
Marcos Carlos Albaladejo, a good encouragement I get from this (so far) Anonymous follower, because he said, I am a crack.
Joaquin Menendez, one of the almamater Moon Cooperative ecological and international shipments sent me a package with some euros support. Fast and safe as the moon itself.
Roma Boule Torra of Ong Bikes Without Borders let me support before leaving for Senegal to deliver more bikes
I met André Pinola in 2.003 and now again he hosted me in Rio.
Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, back supports me one more time, as he says my payroll.
Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, go another month and several years.
Rio y Copacabana

The new book

It’s called A statement of intuitions and after more than 11 years in the bike world had to write this book to translate some of my thoughts and ideas and share them with the people who follow me. Will be only a Spanish edition. Sorry.

The master design is borne again David Torrents Study  and Silvia Miguez and finance, I hope, in Verkami.

The cost of the book is now in Verkami 20% cheaper than at cost, profit.

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-31 a la(s) 19.37.11
Plans for November

Working on the book, in the draft Verkami, do a few sit-ups a day and experience that rare feeling to hear a metallic noise produced by my pocket a bunch of keys. If I had, this time renting a small house on an island in Brazil and, if you want, you can win one of the rewards of the project in Verkami and come visit.


Show has started

Escenario grande
Month: September 2015
Location: Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Travel days: 3,968 (83 countries)
Kms: 148,788

Life is what you make of it. The trips are the travelers. What we see is not what we see but what we are. (Pessoa)

Parada manos

Find others who value the importance of making people laugh.
Discover others who love freedom and the art of asking even not understanding, today, the answers.
Love every hug and feel within that I embrace a total eclipse.
All this and other things had happened to me this month.

Ciclista forja hieroo

New Documentary: Cuba told by his people

Following the success of Spreading Happiness in vimeo platform that allows people to see the film FREE shipping, I released a documentary about my two months pedaling through Cuba.

It is not a documentary about Cuba travel by bike, but a reflection (of the Cubans themselves) of their lifestyle, their shortcomings and dreams.

For 1, 50 usd you can watch it now.

7 Clown Festival in Mariana

I was invited for this beautiful festival, made with love and dedication, in a small town nestled on a hillside of Minas Gerais and trapped by the time. An experience of joy and total dedication.

Web Stories

The sexual life of a nomad

A city transformed by laughter


Thunderbird show
PARTNERSHIP this month have pushed me along the way. Thanks to all:

Maria, my friend from Electra, send me their most natural and clean energy from Asturias.
Eric Camps Dutrem, my big crazy friend, has come from Fortaleza to Mariana to help me during the Festival of clowns.
Helga, writer and cyclist, invited me to stayed at 82-B Olga street, or was Olga from Helga street? Together we rode to Mariana.
In Piranguinho we assemble the tent inside the Church of Santa Isabel.
The Father Eduardo offered a place at the Hotel San Lucas Carmo de Minas.
Hotel Braganca Caxambú and her lovely owner, Adilia, allowed us to sleep in this place with history.
Elvira and Divine gave us a roof in the city of Cruxilia when the night began to cover everything. Big people.
The Hotel Roda Viva, with pool, invited us to stayed in Carrancas, the city of waterfalls.
In Itutingo we slept in the house for nomads at St. Vincent de Paul.
The Hotel Fazende Pe do Morro is one of the most amazing places we have slept. The pool was well deserved.
The team Clown Festival Mariana was so charming that I have no words to express it. Only applause.
Rodrigo Robleño, Viralata, a clown loose in the world, he performed in the streets of Spain, then the Cirque du Soleil, and now he takes me in Belo Horizonte.
Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, back supports me one more time, as he says with my salary
Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, go another month with me.

Helga pedaleando
Adventure discounts Logistics

This company in San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) specialized for more than 16 years in organizing bike trips and tours of the Chilean Patagonia Argentina for people wanting to experience the adventure without limits and where everything is well organized and full throttle.
They have appointed me official representative and if you hire some of their tours directly with me you have a 5% discount can be up to $ 65 on your trip. Look what trips.

Ciudad de MG
Press room

Several interviews these days in television, radio and newspapers.
Live interview on the radio with the known Luiz Thunderbird
Article on the show Mariana
Talk article about Mariana

Clown sharing
Books and Documentaries

Here you can order my books and documentaries that are shipped around the world

Plans for October

Descend to Rio de Janeiro and pedal along the coast in search of something I missed in Mariana. If I get it I will tell you.Sombra payaso

Samba rhythm

Cataratas panoramica_1

Month: August 2015
Location: Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Travel days: 3,936 (83 countries)
Kms: 148,045

Future unrealized are branches of the past; dry branches. (Italo Calvino)

Again another language and culture, although this is not so unknown to me because I pedaled by Brazil in 2003 and the music, Brazilian samba, is my favourite music for many years. I love Caetano, Marisa Monte, Ellis Regina, Adriana Calcanhoto, Rosa Pasos, Pixinguinha … and so many other geniuses of this land of coconut and brown skin.
This newsletter is filled with water, open your shirt and let it cool.

Camping area servicio

Web Stories

Water above and below

Sleep age

Helicóptero volando

Videos in biciclown youtube channel

Under Iguazu Falls

A view of Toucan

Sleeping in the jungle of Iguazú

PARTNERSHIP this month have pushed me along the way. Thanks to all:

  • Eric Camps Dutrem, the donation of the month, this was old friend, helping me all the time.
  • Luis Venitucci, my favorite cowboy again help from Austin (Texas)
  • Irigoyen’s mayor invited me to spend a night at a hotel in town.
  • Gerardo, another crazy bikes, took care of my bones in Foz de Iguazu, along with Fernanda.
  • In Foz de Iguazu cyclists house welcomes all travelers passing through there. Here an interview.
  • The Japanese of San Miguel de Iguazu staying at home.
  • Sergio and Andrea Warmshowers received me at their home in Cascavel.
  • At Maringa, Marcelo and his family, were an oasis in the midst of such heat.
  • Gustavo’s family, whom I never met, opened their house for me in Londrina.
  • In Bandeirantes, Vinicius and his family not only received me but also organized a conference in just two days. Awesome.
  • Sta. Cruz do Rio Pardo, Mr. Pedro, invited me to a hotel. Never met him but thanks a lot.
  • In Sao Paulo Mauricio my friend and his girlfriend Veronica are pending around my little desire to please before I ask. Impressive reception.
  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, back supports me one more time, as he says with my salary.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, another month as several years.


Adventure discounts Logistics

This company in San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) specialized for more than 16 years in organizing bike trips and tours of the Chilean Patagonia Argentina for people wanting to experience the adventure without limits and where everything is well organized.
They have appointed me official representative and if you hire some of their tours directly with me you get a 5% discount can be up to $ 65 on your trip. Look what trips.

 Tv Maringa


Several interviews these days in television, radio and newspapers.
Pedals brings smiles to the red earth

TV Londrina

Parana RPC

Familia Vinicius

Writing Workshop

A few days ago I started a writing workshop I recommend travel because it has changed my approach to this profession.
If you subscribe mentioning the word biciclown you get 10%. Here the link.

Anuncio carretera brasil trafico
Sweepstakes with prizes

During this month I posted on my facebook page that if you guess what kind of Insurance I get with Iati, you will win the download of Spreading Happines.

The winner is Sugar Rasgido and my insurance is Estrella. Here is its performance.



It was prepared in just two days for Vinicius, talking with his friends and asking them money to pay me. Like Teodozio. He was awesome.


Books and Documentaries

Here you can order my books and documentaries that are shipped around the world



Plans for September

I am getting closer to Mariana in Minas Gerais to participate in the 7th International Meeting of clowns the last weekend of September. See you there?
Then I will cycle south to Rio de Janeiro to spend some months writting a new book. Do you have any contact there? Will be great.

Garganta del diablo

New Karma, new Birthday, new Show

Furgon salida Bs Aires

Month: July 2015
Location: Misiones (Argentina)
Travel days: 3,906 (82 countries)
Kms: 146 690

“Do not travel to escape from life, travel for life not to escape”

In more than ten years of touring the world I have had to hold some special events away from the bar and friends. It has not been my last birthday I’ve enjoyed in the city I have visited in my world tour more times: Rosario. And not by chance but because in my living days they are very  dear to me. There I also again offer my last show, and has been in the same place and the same people I did in the year 2001, on my first visit to Rosario.

In this newsletter in addition to these stories you will find the opportunity to take free my latest documentary Spreading Happines. Read on and if your liking, share the content on your social networks.

Karma y yo

Stories on the web


Ruta ripio

Tour Iberá

A water-filled and harmony, that could go in the boat thanks to the services of the Agency kindness El Paso.


PARTNERSHIP this month have pushed me along the way. Thanks to all:

  • Marina Barbera invited me to enjoy her performance, Seis. A clown work in which a woman rebels to pursue their innermost dreams. A clown that makes you think.
  • Gabriel Chame, another great Argentine clown, also invited me to see his show happens in the departure lounge of an airport. A clown that fails to leave. Last call.
  • Firefighters from San Andres de Giles let me sleep on leaving Buenos Aires, accompanied by Fernando Oliva, who rode with me to beyond Lujan.
  • Firefighters also Salto, Nogoya, Federal, Curuzu Cuatia and Mercedes.
  • In Pergamino I met the popes of the flaka, the wife of my good friend Ruben Valle, and the parents of Martin Angiorama. Everyone treated me with cotton.
  • In Rosario I received many hugs my heart shrank slightly. My friends Cristina, Horacio, Paul and Sole paid me Karma painting, the great Fede dismounted and mounted my bike.
  • The Bengoa could not miss and joined my birthday with a chocolate.
  • The Black and Pelao, their wives, children, relatives, everyone sang happy birthday to me in a very familiera and smelling roast celebration.
  • Marcela and, huge guys brought me to Rosario from Spain a lot of parts that otherwise never would have received on time.
  • Natali, my friend from Quito (Ecuador) sent me a gift for my birthday for use by evil.
  • Amanda Victoria from Ponferrada, also joins my birthday with a gift, like my friend Lluis Toyos, responsible for sending this newsletter.
  • Roberto Sierra, also send me some help to keep my dream alive.
  • Leo is 20 years old and took me to his home in Colonia Pellegrini. His parents smiled when they saw his son with a stranger. A character.
  • Two young Argentines, Carla and Mark, are members of Warmshowers and was treated like a king at his home in Oberá. They are already planning their cycle by bike Argentina. Lucky friends.
  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, again supported me one more time, as he says my payroll.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, go another month and several years.

Pajaro volando

Download, almost free, the documentary on Vimeo

From now on, and for a year, you can download the latest documentary and watch it whenever you want, or just rent it for less than the price of a beer.

Bus accidente

Karma and the break

Victor Onvelo cycling sent me a new rear brake. The earlier it had since 2012 and needed a change now. Thanks genius.

Winter clothes

A bumpy ride but the parcel was sent by my friend Otto, Valdivia in Chile, which ended up making a shipment that had gone for months of Malaga. Although not so cold as in Ushuaia always welcome to bring a jacket that shelters a lot and weighs little. A treat to have the support of Trangoworld.

And my friend Paul also sent me my favorite thermal Smartwool shirts.
Llegando a Pellegrini

A light for the living room

An ambient light and not to concentrate on one point, which makes it seem that you are on holiday when you camp, and that is also solar, is what I needed. Weighs less than 100 grams and lasts much because it works with LEDs.

Flexiwaysolar y yo
New insurance Iati

This season Iati guys have given me a new major medical insurance coverage. If you guess what kind it is you will download the documentary Spreading Happines for free. Here the contest.


Carpincho primer plano

Books and Documentaries

Here you can order my books and documentaries that are shipped around the world

Cumple 46

Plans for August

Browse the south and west towards Brazil Londrina, Caldas Wells and approach the Festival of Clowns of Mariana in Minas Geraias. All that after pay visit again to the beautiful Iguazu Falls.

Negro y Pablo con familia



Buenos Aires my love

Ushuaia al fin
Month: June 2015
Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Travel days: 3,880 (82 countries)
Kms: 145 060

Andreas Madsen
“If you have a smile for the world, it shall return to you”

My dream is composed of several tiny dreams, like an onion consists of several layers that give its consistency. One of those little dreams was to reach Ushuaia, south of the American continent, but missing only two days to begin the winter.
A stroke of luck enabled me to reach Buenos Aires in just three hours. How and why they narrate the story of my latest web. Here are the news of this month you can, once again, read thanks to the collaboration of my friend Lluis Toyos.

Rio arboles

Videos on Youtube channel

The magic of the route

Juices with high security

Calafate Mountain Park

Chilexpress Roboexpress

A look to the south

Trapalanda, the land of the winds

Hoy capón
Stories on the web



They HELPED ME this month they have pushed me along the way. Thanks to all:

  • Luis from a farm near El Calafate gave me excellent protection from rain, snow and wind.
  • At Rio Turbio Lalo and his family made me feel like a palace and Eduardo Guajardo gave us a great show until 4 am. In some of my videos from youtube the music is from that night.
  • The Salesians in Puerto Natales allowed me to rest in their guest house.
  • Ruben Valle and the flaka, his wife, gave me a thermos to keep improving my teas at noon.
  • The people who works on the road at 105 km to Punta Arenas were wonderful and shared with me their food.
  • In Punta Arenas I enjoyed the hospitality of the 6th Company Firestation a couple of days.
  • My friend Otto, Valdivia, sent me a package with spare parts but no luck, because the courier company Chilexpress stole part of the content.
  • The bicimensajería La Luna sent me a package with spare parts and clothing. Always taking care and following my pedaling.
  • Schwable studded tires were sent to me so I will not slip on the ice.
  • I stay in a farm called Concordia, Tierra del Fuego (Chile), because David did not hesitate a second to give me shelter and a great dinner.
  • Argentine gendarmes of San Sebastián allow any traveler to sleep in the waiting room. Good gesture.
  • Susana and Juan Barria Dobronic from Rio Grande, opened their home because volunteer firefighters do not receive cyclists. One door closes and another opens better.
  • The bakery La Union Tolhuin (Argentina) always get travelers on their back room. Due to the generosity of its founder Emilio. Article I wrote about it in Perro Verde
  • Martin Angiorama received me without knowing me at his home in Ushuaia, thanks to contact a follower, Fernando, whose mom cooks like an angel.
  • Ushuaia extreme David helped me to pack my bike. A genius.
  • Carlos Badia, old friend, send me a major boost this month. A generous donation.
  • My sister Mary anticipates the dates and congratulate me my birthday that July 17 will be a great gift. Very generous too.
  • Jose Luis Alonso Marchante, Spaniard, wrote a great book, Menéndez King of Patagonia, and sent me a check so I could enjoy reading the book.
  • Thomas and Fernanda let me stayed in their nice apartment in Buenos Aires.
  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, again supported me one more time, as he says my salary.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, another month and several years.

Camiones out

Destination Tierra del Fuego

From now I am promoting the brand Tierra del Fuego, following an agreement with the Institute of Tourism Fueguino. Thus recognize the value of having a cycling ambassador, that can travel halfway around the world spreading the image of the end of the world.


Festival of clowns in Brazil

I have been invited to participate in this festival in September and there is where I am cycling to.

Books and Documentaries

Here you can order my books and documentaries that are shipped all around the world

Monte Olivia

Plans for July

Many years ago I arrived in Rosario on bike, from the north. I will now do it againg coming from the south. Great friends and dear people waiting for me. From there I will go to the Iguazu Falls to wash my hair a little.


Old Friends

Viento patagonia
Month: June 2015
Location: El Calafate (Argentina)
Travel days: 3,845 (82 countries)
Kms: 144 632

Vinicius de Moraes Life is the art of meeting even there is too many disagremeents in life.

Another meet with flavored hearth. Nine years ago I was riding through Africa with my friend Ruben, from Venezuela, and these days I have seen him again. It has happened in El Calafate (Argentina) where this crazy guy now lives with Flor and their son Luka. It has not been the only encounter of these days. Some characters from my book Kilometres of Smiles have jumped from the pages to reality again, as Kusanovic Tonchi, who by chance I saw again on Route 40.

Ruben y yo
Videos on Youtube channel

A mid-morning cup of tea

Barco a Chile Chico

Stories on the web

From the bus

Pumas, storms and cut routes

Lago General Carrera

Montañas Calafate

PARTNERSHIP this month many people have pushed me along the way. Thanks to all

  • Pedro, police Villegas (Argentina), I settled into the police station and Betty gave me a piece of roast stunning good.
  • Laura, El Bolson, received me in her house on the outskirts of the village.
  • Father Adam, Polish resident in Cholila (Argentina), opened his home to me while he was not yet in place. A big heart.
  • Rodrigo, ranger of the Alerces National Park, returned for the lenses that I had forgotten.
  • In the Church of Villa Santa Lucia (Chile) there is always room for travelers and even a stove.
  • In La Junta (Chile), Jose Igor, he opened his barbecue room for me. In 2002 he opened the doors of the gym where I acted.
  • The house bikers Coyhaique (Chile) is the place for cyclists from around the world can rest. Thanks to Boris, a great heart that opens its doors still not having place inside.
  • Alejandro Opitz went to get the cables of my computer that I had left forgotten in an old bus in the austral road.
  • Diego and Jocelyn, two charming persons who also hosted me in Coyhaique.
  • Caroline and Paul are two artisans in Chile Chico (Chile) who received me at ten in the evening at theirs home.
  • Firefighters in Puerto Guadal (Chile) were anniversary and they shared the roast with me.
  • Camilo San Martin and Thomas are two brothers who belong to couchsurfing and led me into their very small house. Big heart
  • The police at Roballos passs in Chile let me sleep in the old health post.
  • Silvia Mabel is the school teacher Bajo Caracoles (Argentina) and in a classroospent the night.
  • Coco Alfaro is a gaucho (successor to Sergio Martinez in the viability of Tamel Aikel) receiving cyclists and give them a welcome barbecue. Great guy.
  • Hector Mansilla, at Estancia La Siberia, allows cyclists sleep under the wind. And prepare a stunning guanaco cutlets.
  • Ruben, Flower and Luka, is the family of El Calafate who opened their hearts. Ruben had already opened my other parts of his body long time ago (I mean his arms).
  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, again supported me one more time, as he says with my salary.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, as many years ago.


Books and Documentaries

Here you can order my books and documentaries that are shipped around the world


Perro Verde Magazine

Some of my previous articles for this magazine find them here.


Lecture at the Austral University

Organized by the Southern University of Chile I gave a lecture to the area of ​​Tourism of nature.

Salvador Rodriguez gaucho

Plans for June

I will pass through Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas in Chile and then to Ushuaia. The cold and snow are the main obstacles in the latter part of my route to the south. I left Alaska on June 1, 2012 and three years later I’ll be cycling the other end of this beautiful and fascinating continent.


The volcano explode

Lago Villarino
Month: May 2015
Location: Bariloche (Argentina)
Travel days: 3,811 (82 countries)
Kms: 142,560

I just met again Matias, the director of several of my documentaries, whom I first met in Cameroon in 2005. The reunion was in Bariloche (Argentina) and to celebrate it, the Calbuco volcano has erupted. A celebration of nature that had covered with ashes the lake Nahuel Huapi.

After a new show in Chile, in a little town called Chenqueco, I returned to Argentina. The winds and the first rains begin to harden the way south to where Karma proceeds at a leisurely pace.

Matias y yo cerveza

Videos on Youtube channel

A regular guy who almost killed me

Bottle Protector

A burdel to celebrate my fifth year on the road

Papel higiènico
Another show in Chile

It happened at a boarding school in a village in the mountains, away from civilization and with a path of difficult access. There one afternoon came a clown with a bike and smiles and arrived there. The next day he returned to his bike and continued on his way singing.


Facebook Stories

My public page will soon reach 8,000 followers. Here I share short stories,’ interesting links and situations which by their freshness, require a more dynamic space. Some of these articles have reached over 25,000 readings. Check them out.

Casa del Árbol

Spreading Happiness screening

The last documentary follows projecting at festivals around the world and now has been exhibited in the Photo Fair Author de Bariloche (Argentina). If you want to see in your home you can order the film on this site that sends all my books and documentaries worldwide.


Robens camping

Stories on the web

Second entrance to Chile


Journal Publications

For some time I write a couple of articles a month in Perro Verde Magazine and more than 10 years ago, I also do in it Bike magazine in Spain.


PARTNERSHIP this month have pushed me along the way. Thanks to all

  • Migue and her mother, whom I met years ago, they sent helped me and I could buy a thermal shirt against the cold is coming.
  • Firefighters from Lonquimay (Chile) not only place it got washed my clothes. Thanks Susan.
  • Pascal is a Warmshowers of Curacauti (Chile) who received me in his humble home and sent me the cup that I forgot. Great person.
  • Ethnic hotel in Pucon is a magical place whose owners invited me to enjoy its charm a few days. I recommend it to you.
  • Father Fernando, from Valencia in Spain, gave me a space in San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) for a night.
  • El Cárdenas, someone that I do not know but who support me this month.
  • Katherine and her family sent me a package of sweet honey and propolis, with homemade strawberry jam to Pucon. A lot of energy.
  • Matthias, Carola, Lucca and his beautiful family have given me their hospitality in Bariloche (Argentina), and a barbecue grill to cook the fish that I will catch with a can.
  • In the Ark of the Forest I enjoyed a few days off with the help of Lucy. A place nestled in an ancient forest.
  • Adolfo Todone attended the projection of Spreading Happiness and gave me his help. He is a dentist and he tunned my smile.
  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, again supported me one more time, as he says my salary.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, support me another month and it has been already several years.
  • Eric Camps, always sending me his big support time to time. Always with a nice smile.


Plans for May

I will go through Esquel and will cross Chile at Futaleufú. Thence Coyhaique (Chile) and I will continue descending to the south by the southern highway letting my eyes fall in love with fall colors and imitate my eyelashes, the cold, the leaves fall from the trees.

Camino Conguillio

Great time in Santiago de Chile


Month: April 2,015
Location: Chillan (Chile)
Travel days: 3,779 (82 countries)
Kms: 141,321

Yes, again in Chile. In this part of the continent I’ll be dancing between Chile and Argentina the coming months. I entered Santiago and I have met again with some old friends. Some are characters in my first book Miles of Smiles. What an incredible experience. I have returned to pedal 100 kms per day without too much effort. Something that long ago could not do and that allows me to continue extending the red line on the world map. Red line because of the red clown nose. In the capital of Chile there I could do another show.

Dos huevos con chorizo

New stories on the web

Give a roast and I will trasform the world

Camping Proterrillos

Videos on Youtube channel

A different and very useful use of bicycles



Show and Talk in Santiago de Chile

Thanks to the efforts of my Salesians friends in the capital I had two incredible opportunities to do my project. First a conferences at the College of Macul and then I bring my show in the commune of San Ramon.

EFE covered the show and here the video of the show

Article about my talk


PARTNERSHIP this month have pushed me along the way. Thank you all:

  • The Hotel Wayros in Villa Union (Argentina) opened one of its spacious rooms for me to spend an evening.
  • Hotel Cuesta del viento in San Juan (Argentina) offered me free overnight in comfortable rooms.
  • Jose Maria, from Asturias, welcomed me into his home in Mendoza (Argentina)
  • Christian Lazcano, at the initiative of his sister Jessica, received me at his home in San Felipe (Chile) and accompanied me by bike the following day to Santiago de Chile. Great family.
  • Carmelo SDB friend, and the community of Macul in Santiago helped me fulfill my dream of giving a show and offer my talk. Incredible their help during a week in the capital of Chile.
  • In San Fernando (Chile) is Pedro Vega (father and son) and his friends of Asturias. With them I had fun and enjoyed the stop. Pedro son took me flying in aircraft over the vineyards. What an experience. And he invited me to the spectacular Hotel Terracentro
  • Firefighters of Talca and Parral allowed me to rest in their facilities.
  • The Asturian Santiago de Chile improvised a donation to help me on my journey. Noble gesture.
  • Ignacio Vicuña Mendizabal, again he support me, as he says with my salary.
  • Asier, from the Basque Country, following me on twitter and my pedaling through my Paypal account, another month and it has been several years.
  • Luis Venitucci, my friend the Texan cowboy, still send me his support from the beautiful Austin. Thanks mate.

New equipment

Spiuk from Vitoria had sent to me a new culotte and gloves and Onvelo bike shop from Mataró in Cataluña new chais to keep cycling. Thanks a lot my friends.


Asturianos de San Fernando
Plans for April

Cycle to the south of Chile, and cross maybe in San Matin de los Andes to Argentina. Thence cycle to Bariloche where I can hug loved ones who long I see. Sometimes you have to also take care of your heart.

Camino sin oso